Petaluna Necklace


Gracious work of slices of Tagua joined and overplaced.  Soft waxed thread with macrame knot allows you to adjust length wished. Tagua (Phitelephas Aequatorialis) is the fruit of a palm tree just in the South American rainforest of the Equatorial region. It means is just found from Ecuador to Panama, including Colombia. An organic and natural material.  

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    Tagua ripens throught the years becoming hard as ivory as its natural colour after taking the brown shell off.

    Tagua has been used initially for carvings and now to make stunning natural jewelleryin Colombia and Ecuador. This Tagua flower necklace is the result of discs cut off the nut and through a dying process they are given all sort of vibrant alternatives. 

    Hand made by mothers head of family in Bogota and naturally harvested in the rainforest by many country locals who work in the recollection of the Tagua fruits.

    Tagua care: As all natural products Tagua has to be protected of extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, water and steam. As to avoid humid environments like bathrooms. It could develop fungae. Also Tagua gradually ages as you could see they often turn in to a richer ivory-yellowish colour, or altering the colours dyed on your piece, this is completely normal. 

  • Features

    • Origin Choco' Rainforest / Bogota' Artisans,
    • Material Phitelepas Aequatorialis
    • Maintenance Damp cloth wipe. See tagua care in more info link
    • Height 25 cm gradual drop.
    • Artist Women Artisans in Bogota' Colombia