Tagua Earrings


Natural and organic Tagua slices in solid colours. Stainless steel loops, great variety of colours.Tagua (Phitelephas Aequatorialis) is the fruit of a palm tree just in the South American rainforest of the Equatorial region

Red range
Brown range
Colourful range
Blue range
Green range
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    Tagua ripens throught the years becoming hard as ivory as its natural colour after taking the brown shell off.

    Hand made by mothers head of family in Bogota and naturally harvested in the rainforest by many country locals who work in the recollection of the Tagua fruits

    Tagua care: As all natural products Tagua has to be protected of extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, water and steam. As to avoid humid environments like bathrooms. It could develop fungae. Also Tagua gradually ages as you could see they often turn in to a richer ivory-yellowish colour, or altering the colours dyed on your piece, this is completely normal.